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A strategy and storytelling consultancy, providing bespoke tools and creative ideas that amplify the voices of East African innovators.

Idea generation and translation, collaborating with the brave, brilliant and bold to pinpoint why their work matters – identifying the meaning, the value and the impact, and then broadcasting it – a Marshall amp in human form. Creating channels for connection, and unravelling knotty problems.

All the while, simultaneously supporting others to do the same – through practical + engaging communications training.

Copywriting that compels, rich storytelling, sumptuous photography, powerful film partnerships, grounded in strategy that opens hearts, minds and wallets.

Over the last decade, KTG working in collaboration with organisations and business has helped an international audience to:

  • get excited about ID cards for the Batwa people of Burundi, on behalf of ASSEJEBA and African Road,
  • talk about women’s rights and health around the world, particularly those women who are breaking the mould and chasing their dreams – facilitating a gender justice conference for REACH Rwanda, and working with 28 Too Many.
  • explore research and innovation that helps people live better, healthier, fuller lives with businesses, like Delagua who distribute energy efficient stoves,
  • become even more fanatical about football, with The Ishami Foundation, and FAPA – seeking to improve footballing standards, make the game more accessible to women in Rwanda, and seek to build a greater peace through engagement and play,
  • be inspired by incredible artists and creative practitioners, and
  • Give Good Design with architects and contractors, GAC who will not settle for anything less than making exceptional design accessible to all.

KG 307 Street, Kigali, Rwanda